About Our School

The Mission of Peasley Middle School

We believe that all children can learn.  We believe that a basic skills foundation enables students to become lifelong learners.  We believe that parental and community involvement enhances successful learning.  We believe that students, provided with an array of quality resources and opportunities, will make wise choices for a balanced lifestyle.  We believe that our students need to become responsible citizens and caretakers of our planet.


The Vision of Peasley Middle School

Our students will be caring individuals who demonstrate a good sense of self and are able to make choices leading to healthy, productive, and fulfilling lives.



Peasley Middle School Alma Mater (School Song)

We’re Peasley Middle School, Home of the gold and blue

Possessing Lion pride in all we say and do.

Standing bold and tall, Singing loud and strong,

We’re Peasley Middle, All Day Long.

Standing bold and tall, Singing loud and strong,

Peasley, We Love You, All Day Long.


Peasley Middle School Colors and Mascot

Blue and Gold / Lion (Pride of Lions)



Peasley School Fees

Hall Locker - $2.00

Gym Locker - $2.00

Band - $15.00

Instrument Rental (Band) - $30.00

Peasley Guitar Class - $10.00

Student Agenda - $5.00

Gym Uniform - $18.00

Band and Choir Uniforms - $15.00 - $20.00

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